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Government Affairs Attorney in Reno, Nevada

Paul E. Quade, Esq. will effectively represent your interests before the decision-makers in local, state and federal government. Whether you need Paul to be your voice before Congress, the Nevada State Legislature, County Commission, City Council, or even a local board he is here for you. This includes working with the people who have tremendous sway over those decision-makers: the civil servant. While we understand the importance of the high-profile lobbying efforts, we appreciate how the details and real-world impacts are often shaped in the trenches. We have the experience and contacts to advocate your interests to those officials at all levels of government. We strive to educate the bureaucrats and policymakers on all consequences, intended or not. As a native Nevadan with a lengthy history in the courts and government, Paul knows who to talk to in order to advance your goals.

When You Need Insight

Our services include monitoring legislation and proposed regulations that will affect you; advocating before legislative committees and governmental agencies; and of course, reacting to unanticipated challenges that arise. We promote early intervention and advocacy as well as strategic planning. Oftentimes, that involves early partnering with individuals and organizations with similar interests. As well, we believe strongly in outreach to those stakeholders whose interests are not necessarily aligned with our clients in order to work common ground and build bridges. In our experience, working tactical alliances often helps save time and resources in the long term. Call us today to start answering your government relations needs, before they become a serious headache.

If that is too late, we are ready to engage in litigation where necessary, whether it be an administrative appeal, filing a lawsuit or defending a complaint that has come your way. Paul has the experience and knowledge for any contingency.