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Government & Public Relations Attorney in Reno, Nevada

Paul E. Quade, Esq. in conjunction with Great Basin Policy Partners, focuses on your government and public relations needs. Our public relations focus relates to our government affairs, regulatory compliance, and crisis management representation.

We are not here to develop an advertisement or marketing campaign, but we will work closely with other professionals in addressing those types of issues. We understand that working with policymakers and government agencies oftentimes requires “selling” your position to the public. In order to advance your interests, we must provide our partners the backing and rationale needed to protect their client-favorable position in the media and public eye. Such public relations advocacy is critical to advancing our clients’ interests as we navigate governmental agencies and other processes.

To learn more about our government and public relations services, reach out to our office in Reno, Nevada, today. We'll set you up with a consultation in which you can outline your needs and get our attorney's advice on how to proceed. We proudly represent clients in Carson City and Winnemucca, as well as those located in Truckee, California, and throughout the Lake Tahoe area.

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When you need help delivering a message that effectively communicates your position and protects your best interests, team up with our attorney at Paul E. Quade, Esq. He's prepared to use his vast experience in government public relations and communications to help you craft a strategy tailored to your goals.

Issues of crisis management can be tricky, which is why you need a skilled professional who can guide you through them. Our attorney knows how to formulate creative solutions that tell the stories his clients want to communicate. Discover how he can help you do the same. Contact us today to set up a meeting. From our office in Reno, Nevada, we work with clients throughout Carson City and Winnemucca, as well as residents of Truckee, California, and the Lake Tahoe area.