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2019 80th Nevada Legislative Session

Aug. 6, 2021


The 80th Legislative Session is now in full swing. The BDR's have been processed and are now formal bills being considered in the various subcommittees. It will be a very active legislative session with Democrats holding both Houses and the Governor's Office. Indeed, the Blue Wave has come to Nevada, and the Democrats intend to leave their legislative mark. Like it or not it is your time to be heard on the various issues before the Nevada Legislature!

Great Basin Policy Partners (GBPP) will be tracking various bills of interest to our clients and other personal interest projects, particularly in the criminal justice reform arena. Criminal justice is a hot topic this legislative session so expect some heated discussion and significant movement in 2019.

In the public lands and natural resources sphere, there are new bills that will have wide-sweeping impacts on users from mining to recreationalists. Initially, GBPP will be closely tracking the Assembly and Senate Joint Resolutions (2 and 3 respectively) which address the military expansion into the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. They will be heard on March 5th and 6th at 4 p.m. before the Natural Resources Committees. This may set the stage for yet another State versus Federal showdown on the control of our public lands and their uses.

Stay tuned as I give regular updates on bills passing through the committees to the Assembly and Senate floor. I will also be writing updates and summaries on some recent, important Federal legislation coming out of Congress addressing public lands issues. Thanks for checking in and would love your input as we work to make the 80th Legislative Session a productive one!

Paul E. Quade, Esq.